1. i am addicted to Sudoku

2. i was born in Romania. I lived in a tiny village – 98 houses – from 0 to 7, but was born in the big city nearby, Hunedoara

3. moved to Canada with my mom at the tender age of 10 and have lived in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. i hated Canada for the first couple of years because i didn’t have any friends and kids at school made fun of my non cool clothing.

4. traveling is was my favourite activity/hobby, now I still love traveling, but I love haning out with Picu and the little famlily even more.

5. my SO (Significant Other) is most excellent, I guess I can add a letter and call him an SOB when I get angry (not that often). he also has a blog, it’s opinionated, and in French.

6. i love random links. i waste lots of time online looking at random shit.

7. we use Soap Nuts to do our laundry – they really work and are totally natural!

8. we eat lots of green stuff, so we compost all the leftovers. we live in a small apartment so we have an apartment composter: Can-O-Worms. It’s most excellent! We were lucky enough to get one from the city for free as they try to educate citizens about green garbage and how much space it takes up in landfills and incinerators.


One thought on “about

  1. THank you for commenting on my Potty Training Post on babysignswithelizabeth.blogspot.com. I just wanted to answer your question on when to start signing with your baby. You can start as soon as they are born, but they won’t sign back until between 6-18 months… a long span I know, but all babies are different. An educated guess would be your little one signs back around 8 months if you are signing now.

    I just read your stinging nettle post and had a flashback to my first experience with that plant… ouch!

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