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I am new to Twitter and are in the midst of trying to understand how it works. I know how to RT and how to send twits tweets using @ – not much more, but enough to figure out that a whole group of people were really angry at Motrin. So I went to YouTube so see the video in question and see what all the fuss is about.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have pretty good sense of humour and definitely don’t get offended often. I didn’t find the video particularly offensive because I know babywearing is the right thing to do, however, I can certainly see why parents are pissed off – almost every frame of the video has some stupid comment attached to it:

Babywearing “seems to be in fashion” – really? I guess all the women of the world who carry their babies around in Senegal, Nepal and Mongolia are all following the latest fashion trend.

“in theory it’s a great idea… supposedly it’s a great bonding experience… babies carried close to the bod tend to cry less than others…” – can easily be replaced by “in fact it’s a great idea” – there is thousands of years to prove this; drop the “supposedly” and just agree that babies who are worn cry less – it’s a fact.

I sure don’t cry more when I carry my baby. Nor do i complain about it. Nor does it cause pain. Nor do I have backpain because I carry my baby. Do you give Motrin to your kids because they have to carry that heavy backpack to school?

And of course we all wear our babies so we can look like official moms, otherwise we might just be fake moms. What about when the grandparents carry the baby, does that make them official grandparents?

And no, baby wearing does not make me tired and crazy. What makes me tired and crazy is a cranky baby, one that isn’t being carried around.

Motrin dug it’s own hole here, trying to reach out to moms for baby-wearing week and is instead tasting bitter backlash. Making fun of a group of people using unfounded theories does not work.  Twitter, however, does work. It takes one to get the message out, and then it spreads like wildfire. Just like it did in Moldova, where they only expected a few hundred protesters and ended up with 15,000.


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